Monday, June 1, 2009

New Adventure - Alphabet Discovery Art Journal

alphabet discovery workshop logo

Ok, so I'm trying to break out of my creativity rut and have enrolled myself in Trish Bee's Alphabet Discovery Workshop. Our goal is to create an art journal using the alphabet as inspiration. First letter chosen was the letter N. I wanted to capture "before" photos of my book so you could see the results as I post them and compare. So below are photos of the "Before" pages, gesso-ed and ready to go. I decided to use a book I purchased for altering quite some time ago called "The Doll House Book". Bought it damaged from the used book store for another project and never "got around to it" so am using it here. The book is "house" shaped and the front opens like two barn doors. It should make an interesting altered book. Anyway, here are the photos of the before work (click on them to be taken to the photos with descriptions):

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