Monday, June 1, 2009

N pages complete

Well, I've completed my first layout for the ADW (see next post) and thought I'd share it as well as my process. Started with two page spread which was gesso-ed white. Right side had window cut into it which I turned into a door opening. Painted light blue craft paint over entire area and let dry. Mixed medium blue paint with glaze medium (half & half) and then spread over light blue. Wiped most of this off leaving a heavier concentration around the outer edges and let dry. Then mixed dark blue paint with glaze medium (1/3 paint, 2/3 glaze) and again wiped off most. Took gold Brilliance ink and stamped random stars over background. Using a waded up paper towel, "swiped" some gold on as comet trails then rubbed a bit around the window opening on right page. Next, stamped the word "NIGHT" in white Brilliance ink followed by random fonts of the letter N all over background. Again "swiped" a bit of white ink as comet trails. Used white paint on fingertip to create white "background" for wording of poem, Lord Byron's #600 (She walks in beauty...). Using a black sharpie, lettered the poem, then inked around window opening and "stitched" around "NIGHT" stamping. Finally, I created a gel medium transfer of a vintage woman. I cut out a "door" of cardboard which will be adhered to reverse of right page and painted it with gold craft paint, then adhered the transfer to this "door". Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Simply gorgeous! Im in awe of your house shaped book cos I adore that shape sooo much ;)