Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Hats

I decided to join the "Hoo's Got Talent" round-up over at Night Owl Crafting this week and thought I'd share some of my recent projects...


I've been keeping myself occupied recently with my new 3 month old and her 2 year old sister, but in my spare time (HA!) I've been loom knitting some cute hats for her and her older sister... Thought I'd share them with you and pass along the links to my sweet friend Brenda's blog where she shared the patterns with us in our loom class...

Here's the first one is a "pumpkin" head hat made following Brenda's pattern that you can find here.

As modeled by 2 year old Emma

And a smaller version modeled by then-2 month old Hannah
 The second hat is a Turkey Hat, again from Brenda's blog

Emma LOVES hats :)
The last one I did is a snowman hat following the directions Brenda posted here, but I'll have to share photos of that one later since I've not gotten them taken yet! Hope you enjoy these few and will check out Brenda's patterns on her blog! Be sure and check back with me next week for a new "Hoo's Got Talent" post!