Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Start of a new blog...and a freebie!

So I've decided to start up a new blog, called the Scrapping Post, in hopes of encouraging myself to share my passion and creative adventures. I hope to share with you, dear readers (if you're out there!) some freebies from time to time, my new creations as they occur, my inspirations, etc. and hope that you will share with me your comments, suggestions, etc. as you have them as well!

So, first up, I'll share with you a freebie I created this weekend while working on the "refill" for the mini album tins I created last year for Mother's Day for my sister, stepmom and grandmother. I'll have to see if I can dig up a picture of the tin itself since I no longer have those, but the template is for creating the "innards" for the tin. The template will work great for those who don't have a corner rounder or don't have a good cutter! I ended up not using the template (and didn't complete the refills in time for Mother's Day!) this time, but may the next. The instructions are on it for use. Please do not post the template to other sites or use it for commercial projects unless you email me for permission first. I'm not hard-nosed about sharing, but would like to have the opportunity to know where and when my freebies are shared if not on this blog... But feel free to send your friends here to download it! Click the pic below to download or just click here.

Instead of the template, I just cut 8 1/2 x 11" card stock into 4x11" strips. If you want to do like I did, without the template, just cut your strips (4x11") and then fold in half. Using a corner rounder, round all four corners. Then, fold each of the sides back upon itself (so that you have an "m" shaped piece, with hill and valley folds) and again, round the corners. What you'll have when you finish is an "m" shaped piece of paper, comprised of 4 panels, with rounded corners at each fold. Then, because I used card stock which is sturdier than the scrap paper I used with the template, I did not "double side" it, planning to create scrap paper "mats" for each panel instead. I attached end 1 from the first panel to end 3 of the second so that it forms one continuous 4" wide strip, accordion folded. Hope this makes more sense than it seems!

I hope you'll enjoy the template and I'll share my finished "refill" when I get it done. I know my sister, stepmom and grandma will love it!

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